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Is your company thinking of making better use of the office space that it has leased recently? If so, then the office partitions can be just the solution that your company needs. It’s a cost-effective and flexible solution for companies that want to build smaller private rooms in their leased properties for various purposes. Besides, these office partitions are removable and not permanent, to say the least. The only thing that remains is hiring a company that specialises in office partitions projects. 


So, are you looking for a contractor to build office partitions in your Alexandria-based company? Then come to Refit Australia. 


We look forward to working on your custom-order project. Our team has worked with hundreds of companies and businesses to help them build office partitions that best suits their needs. 


You can hire us too! Refit Australia is always available and excited to work on new projects, regardless of their size or nature. Make the call today! 


Bespoke Office Partition Designs - Refit Australia  

If you are spending money on office partitions, wouldn’t you demand quality workmanship in return? But it’s hard to locate a contractor these days who can fulfil all your requirements under a tight budget. However, that’s not the case with Refit Australia. We not only bring high-quality workmanship to the equation, but our services are competitively priced as well. So, you get world-class office partitions built in your office property at a price that you can afford. 


What kind of office partitioning can we offer to businesses? We have listed those designs below! 


  • Wood Office Partitions

  • Glass Wall Partitions

  • Acoustic Screen Partitioning

  • Custom-made Office Partition


In short, you don’t have to go anywhere else in Alexandria for office partitions or office fitouts, for that matter. Refit Australia packs all the services your business establishment needs. So please enquire about our project management today and get a free quote for our commercial refurbishment services right now! 

Benefits Of Modern Office Partitioning 

Still unsure whether to erect office partitions in your office space or not? Then you are not alone. We meet many business owners every week who face the same dilemma. Should they opt for these wall partitions or not? Well, we tell them the following things to convince them. 


  • With the right design, your office partition would look amazing. Ultimately, it would improve the overall decor of your office space if installed correctly. 

  • It gives your employees the private space they need, especially for those employees who work on critical tasks around the office. 

  • Moreover, you will have a room with acoustic control as well. 

  • Modern office partitioning allows you to create a sensible workflow inside the leased building. 

  • Most importantly, it’s a cost-effective solution for companies that are looking to refurbish and remodel their office space! 


If you are still unsure about making the call, simply talk to the experts at Refit Australia. Our team will love to give you more insights into how office wall partitioning helps companies sustain their growth! 


There’s no scarcity of companies that work on commercial fit-out projects in Alexandria and Sydney. You might have lots of options for your office fit-out project but let us also tell you that we would be the ideal choice for all your office refurbishment contracts, including the office partition project. 


  • Our clients get a free quotation for our office fitouts service with no obligation attached. 

  • We have a team of designers, tradesmen, and builders to work on your office interior renovation project. 

  • Refit Australia always keeps its client in the loop, whether it’s the designing phase or the construction part. 

  • Our workmanship is top-notch, and you will hear the same from our previous clients in their testimonies! 


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